Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Review - SlimQuick Ultra Fat Burner Part 2

Okay, so here's my review of SlimQuick Ultra Fat Burner...I'm sorry to say but this product, for a few reasons, just didn't do it for me! Initially, I felt good about taking a pill twice a day that had an end result similiar to potential. In my first 3 days, I didn't have any side effects nor did I have any weightloss but again, it was only the 3rd day. By the fifth day, I had lost a few pounds!

After taking the pills for about a week I became that much more aware of what I was putting in my mouth so, I cut out Pepsi (my daily 1litre a day crutch), food (snacks, those damn naughty snacks!!) but what else bothered me was actually taking these pills!

After the first week you need to start taking 2 pills twice a day. So I did and what were minor stomach twinges turned into odd stomach cramps. Nothing I couldn't handle just a weird feeling that didn't feel 'normal'. By the end of my second week it was time to begin taking 6 pills a day and this is where I began to lose interest...

At 14 days...

- stomach cramps
- a sense of uneasyness regarding to ingesting these pills and what they may be doing to my body
- no real measurable weightloss beyond the few pounds I'd lost at the end of the first week

Day 15 - I quit!!

So, ultimately what the pills did was simply make me more aware of what I was eating and drinking...not worth the expense as I believe I could have done that on my own with a bit of will power. I won't be trying any more of these types of things in the future and I honestly can't say that I would recommend them to anybody either. Keep your money in your wallet not someone else's and really, I'd suggest to keep a food journal...not like you probably don't already know what you eat and drink that is bad for you but maybe seeing it on paper will strike a cord and be encouragement enough.

Now, I drink a tonne of water every day, eat fruit, stay away from snacking on garbage foods and getting exercise all on my own without the help of something I really don't think works anyways.   
I'll keep you posted as to how this works for me and if I can stick with it or not?...

By the way, my diet normally consisted of pop, chips, nachos, cheese, bacon and carbs. I try to keep my calorie intake to a minimum except on weekends when I do spoil myself a tad with a cocktail and a bit of snacking on the naughty stuff...I will not deprive myself totally of the things I love but do make a concerted effort to behave!! :)

Good luck to you in what ever you do, hugggs!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Review - SlimQuik Ultra Fat Burner - Lose 25lbs eh?!...well, I'm feeling fat so let's go for it!!

Well, well, well dear readers I'm going to admit that after a few changes in my life and Christmas behind me, my behind feels large, extra clothes don't fit right and I feel like a chunky monkey so...

I've decided to try something to help my cause of losing unwanted pounds and it's called SlimQuick Ultra Fat Burner and I hope it is my newest miracle lol...oh sure, I could exercise more (haven't done a lot of that since I got my driver's license) and quite frankly I could eat a little less cheese and bacon both of which I adore. Oh and pop, I drink a tonne of Pepsi!!

That was until last Sunday when I decided it was time to get it together girl!

At 5'7.5" and 150lbs, I finally stopped drinking pop, cut down on my intake of fatty foods and have been drinking water like a fish. Yesterday I began with this new to me diet supplement which apparently burns fat, burns calories and burns carbs. The box states one could lose 25lbs in 90 days while those on their trial and on placebos, only lost 8.1lbs.

I took my first two pills yesterday and I don't know if it was in my head but this stuff did supress my appetite and I didn't oink out like I normally would when I hang out with a particular friend of mine who also loves to chow down!!

Time will tell how this progresses, I don't plan on changing my diet to healthy foods just smaller portions of what I do love and to make myself more aware of what I am eating and how much of it. The 'no pop' thing ought to be interesting as I have been drinking at least .5L every day for the past 20 years. I also try to go for at least 3 long walks a week, which are down hill there and uphill back...killer!!

SlimQuick Ultra, let's see how you work for me!

I'll keep you posted as I go along, wish me luck!!


Monday, January 9, 2012

My inner witch says try this... Creamsicle Love Spell

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned my intrigue with witchcraft; the stories, the spells, incantations, hexes, hoaxes and vexes and of course their history...but it's true, I'm curious. I remember doing a writing assignment back in junior high on the topic of witchcraft and found myself fascinated by all of it, even how they attempted to obliterate witches! The hideous torture and imminent death of those accused of practising witchcraft was unimaginably harsh and extreme but to me, interesting.

However, in this modern day, witches needn't have this fear and they are free to be who they are. I'm not saying I necessarily believe in concoctions that include bat's wing, ear wax or hair of mole but I don't necessarily disbelieve either.

With that being said, here is a fun and potentially interesting 'Love Spell' that could possibly work for you and in the end, hurts no one. Let it be known that one must never wish to bring harm upon others or self while they are practising witchcraft :)  

Creamsicle Love Spell


The flavour and scent of both vanilla and orange stimulates sexual appetite and can be used to arose thoughts of you in the minds and hearts of those you wish to have think of you. It's perfect for those couples who are in a long distance relationship or couples who work out of town or are simply separated a lot or even if the person is emotionally distant. The spell also works for those wishing to rekindle a past romance and want him/her to have sweet, endearing, loving thoughts about you.

- If you'd like to send thoughts of love to someone; eat an orange creamsicle and as you do so, send your love out into the universe.  

- If you'd like to have a certain someone think of you; write his/her name down on the popsicle stick then place in bowl and let it melt. As it melts, the person who's name is on the stick will have thoughts of you that will make them melt!

I have tried this spell and both times, I did get the guy but in the end it didn't last. So, it's not a perfect science lol just a fun experiment. Let me know how it works for you and good luck!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tear jerker! ...Video - Change for a Dollar

I thought many of you could appreciate this special video, it brought tears to my eyes and warm funzzies to my heart!

Things NOT to say to me...and possibly most other women on this planet!

Just thought I'd share some of my verbal pet peeves. Maybe the boys out there will finally be able to figure it out already!! What is 'it'? 'It' is how not to piss me off or ladies in general...


- Ask me what I'm thinking then accuse me of being negative when you don't like the answer!

- 'shhhhhh!' me...ever!

- Say I look fine, fat, bloated or tired

- Say that 'she' looks 'fine' otherwise I'll most likely think that you're thinking she's hot!

- Say 'are you OK?, you seem off'

- complain about how much you spent on a gift, especially if we love it. If we hate it, what were you thinking?

- ask me to trade what I need/want for sexual favours, groceries for oral sex is not a turn on!!

- tell me I drive like a blonde, even though I am and do (sometimes)

- talk about our sex life with your parents

- yell at me

- call your/my/our daughter a Bitch!

- tell me you'll die if you don't get some

- tell me that someone else's recipe is better than mine, unless I say it first and even then, it could still be dangerous

- whine and cry like a little girl because you don't get your way, that's my job lol ;)

- say that I'm high maintenance

- call me Princess unless you are treating me like one

- ask me what I'd like to eat, then tell me I can't have it, I mean really?

- lie to me

- accuse me of cheating and/or say that I must have 'given you something'

- text me just to say that you think I must be at my ex's house 'cause I'm a half hour late


At the end of the day, which do you prefer? ...need I say more :P

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello fellow readers...JettaGirl is back!

Yep, that's right folks and under all new pretenses! I'd like to thank those who waited for my return with a big virtual huggg and a smile. It's been a tough go since my last post and the one before that and well, quite frankly the one before that too!

Ahh ha, but an update on my driving skills is due...and guess what? I haven't had one single accident or speeding ticket (not that I'm speeding of course ;) and best of all I haven't killed anyone nor myself. Sure I've had some rather hairy moments on the open road, a few where my heart skipped a beat and I wondered secretly to myself if I was going to make it. I'm grinning as I right this because honestly I'm glad these learning experiences haven't been detrimental!

I really just wanted to say hi and touch base before I begin again at my attempt to posting on a regular basis... well, maybe I will just ramble on for a bit...

Let's see, I'll post blurps of info then will follow up with a full post if I deem it interesting or if you request to know more...

- One bad thing; well sadly the first thing that is coming to mind is that my current job sucks! Sure I thought I'd enjoy it but I am desperately attempting to find other options. The thought of this job when I am not working really gets under my skin and I cringe at the thought of it. One good thing, I do work from home which is totally awesome, not many can say they work in their pj's!

- One good thing (sounds more positive right?); I can finally look at pictures of my past life (married with 2 step children, 2 dogs and a cat) which are pretty much no longer in my world and not burst into tears. One bad thing; I'm still not over it and we've been separated for over a year!

- One good thing; I live in a sweet pad that overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes in BC. The sunsets are amazing, the summers are gorgeous and the winters are tame, ahhh! One bad thing; I don't own it!

- One good thing; I'm ready for another relationship but not with a human, a pet. I've been longing for a puppy or rescue pooch and yes, this is a good sign for me. One bad thing; I'm not ready for a relationship with a man, not yet. Oh sure, I date, hang out, have fun and stuff but I am absolutely terrified of committing myself.

- One good thing; I've gone back to school! I decided that it was time to retry my attempts at getting educated in a field that I enjoy other than income taxes which has sucked up a lot of learning time over the past decade. This has been a challenge but I'm doing it, one step at a time. One bad thing; I'm running out time on this course and due to work, I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish with the grade I desire.

_ One more good thing; I smile more, I laugh more, I dance more. One more bad thing; I also eat more! In the end this is a good thing as I was damn near feeling worried for myself. Now, I actually crave food then eat it and yes, it is showing. I'm not exactly excited as to where it has chosen to land (how you say...muffin top and bootie) but this is only temporary. It's funny because I know I am healthier because of a lot of reasons but having a car has literally made me a lazy ass in the getting exercise department. This is going to change by this summer :) ...last summer of 2011 I wore a bikini and I will get into one again in 2012! The summer, not now lol!!

JettaGirl is over and out, til next time...big huggs!

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